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Hire a graduating student or a graduate

ÉTS trains specialists in the various fields of engineering and posts engineering job openings for permanent, temporary and contractual work. Take advantage of our services, which are tailored to your needs, and save time and money in your recruiting process.

If you are seeking...

...a graduating student or a recent graduate (less than 2 years):

ÉTS provides the following services to employers free of charge:
  • Job posting;
  • Helpful advice related to recruiting and personnel selection;
  • On-campus activities aimed at ensuring the visibility of your organization among graduating students and recent graduates.

The process:

  • Job openings are posted online as soon as they are received;
  • ÉTS sends CVs from applicants who satisfy the selection criteria to the employer as soon as possible;
  • If you wish, ÉTS will contact the applicants and arrange interview times;
  • Interviews can be conducted on campus or at your premises;
  • Contact the Service de l'enseignement coopératif (Co-operative Education Department).
  ...a graduate with more than 2 years of experience: 

Le Réseau ÉTS allows employers to reach members directly. Posting a job opening on the Reseau Génie Carrières portal gives you access to an exclusive pool of engineering professionals with an average of 10 years of experience. You also have access to comprehensive recruitment services at a competitive price, including job posting and applicant searches.
For more information, call 514 789-4478 or info@reseaugeniecarrieres.com.

Technical job postings, summer employment and part-time jobs:

These types of jobs can be posted on our bulletin board. Students who are interested in these positions will send an application directly to the employer. Please contact the Services aux étudiants (Student Services).