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Role of the Supervisor (employer)

The role of the Supervisor is one of mentor and evaluator. The Supervisor welcomes the co-op student to the workplace, assigns work, oversees the orientation, and supervises and evaluates the co-op student's job performance. Supervisors must make themselves available to their co-op students. This does not imply a constant presence, but interactions should be frequent and regular enough to allow the co-op students to complete their tasks efficiently and on schedule.

Supervisor’s Guide

The Supervisor’s Guide contains a wealth of information for the employer who wishes to learn more about the benefits and responsibilities of this type of undertaking, along with the keys to success.

Consult the Supervisor’s Guide.

Code of ethics

The Code of ethics for all participants in the ÉTS Cooperative Education Program allows students and employers to fully understand the rules and regulations that govern ÉTS Co-operative Education.

It is based on the codes of ethics of the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education (CAFCE) and the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE)

Consult the Code of ethics (in French).