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Remuneration of co-op students

ÉTS co-op students are remunerated for the duties that they perform. The determination of salary and benefits is left to the discretion of the employer, subject to the minimal requirements of the Act respecting Labour Standards. For example, co-op students are entitled to paid statutory holidays and 4% vacation pay at the end of the co-op work-term.

Average remuneration in 2017 (including bonuses and other benefits) based on a 39 hour work week (40 hours/week for students of level S3 or S4). The averages shown do not include the 4% vacation pay.

Co-op level Hourly rate Weekly wage Monthly wage Total for a 4-month work-term
S1  $19.00 $740 $3,210 $12,840
S2  $20.70 $810 $3,510 $14,040
S3   $22.00 $880 $3,815 $15,260
S4   $22.00 $880 $3,815 $15,260

  Frequency distribution (pdf) : S1 / S2 / S3