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First Round Placement Process

1st posting
2nd posting
3rd posting
  • Co-op placement offers are posted on the on-line posting system.
  • Students select the positions that they wish to interview for.
  • The students’ resumes are e-mailed to the employers at the end of each posting period.


  • The employer selects the candidates to interview and sends this information to the Cooperative Education Department, along with a proposed interview schedule (date, time, length, breaks).
  • The Cooperative Education Department confirms the interview schedule and informs the students. The employer must not contact the students directly.
  • Interviews are conducted at ÉTS. Consult the placement calendar for the dates of the interview periods.

Employer's choice
Student's choice
  • The employer assigns a score to each student interviewed.
  • At the end of the interview period, the students are informed of the scores that were assigned by the employer.
  • The students then assign a score to the employers they were interviewed by. The scores are then ranked and matched, and the results are sent to the employer the next business day.
Student Selection
  • The students selected for each position are determined through reconciliation of the assigned scores. The results are sent to the employer the next business day.

Reconciliation of the assigned scores
Employer's choice
X 10
+ Student's choice
X 11
1 + 1 = 21
2 + 1 = 31
1 + 2 = 32
3 + 1 = 41
2 + 2 = 42
1 + 3 = 43

The employer is matched with the available student with the lowest score. A score of 21 corresponds to the best possible match.

Unqualified student: If an employer determines that a student does not meet the basic requirements for the position, the employer then assigns a score of "n/q" (not qualified) to that student, and indicates, in writing, the reasons on a designated form.