The ÉTS Research Chair on Engineering of Processes, Materials, and Structures for Additive Manufacturing deals with the fields of mechanical design, materials science, and manufacturing.

Chairholder Vladimir Brailovski and his colleagues are attempting to gain a better understanding of the relationship between design, process, microstructure, and the properties of components produced by additive manufacturing technologies.

With a keener understanding of this fundamental relationship, they will be able to take advantage of the design freedom and transformation potential provided by these technologies in two areas of application: medicine and aerospace.


The Chair’s activities will enable the development of:

  • New and more biocompatible implants through optimized design in accordance with their application

  • A new personalized approach for the design and manufacturing of implants and surgical tools. The applications that may benefit from these activities include:
    • Complex fracture repair
    • Treatment of bone deficits (trauma, oncosurgical resection)
    • Prosthetic revision
    • Strengthening of fragile structures (vertebrae, long bones)


The Chair will strive to improve the performance of structural components using a geometrical optimization process and additive manufacturing technologies.

Over the long term, the Chair will develop functionally graded metal-ceramic structures and components for use in both fields of application.