Since 2010, Vincent Duchaine has been an associate professor in the department of automated production engineering at ÉTS. To date in his career, he has supervised some thirty graduate and post-graduate students. Currently, the Chair includes more than ten students.

Prior to joining ÉTS, Vincent Duchaine worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Laboratory (BDML) at Stanford University in California. His work, which focused on developing proprioceptive and tactile sensors for robotic hands, led to a professional partnership with SRI International, one of the leading private research centres in the United States.

He also collaborated with the U.S. affiliate of General Motors during his Ph.D. studies on human-robot interaction, particularly on robot control systems and related sensors.

Vincent Duchaine is a co-founder of Robotiq, an SMB located in the Quebec City region, which employs 20 people. According to Robotics Business Review, Robotiq ranks among the 50 most influential robotics companies in the world. Its products are sold in more than 30 countries.

* It is worth noting that Professor Duchaine relinquished his decision-making role at Robotiq when he joined ÉTS.

Members of the team

Research professionnals: Samuel Rispal
Jean-Philippe Roberge

Ph. D. students:

Rachid Bekti
Jean-Baptiste Chossat
Zahra Khani
Alireza Mohseni
Mohammad Reza Motamedi
Axay Ran
Master's level students:
Deen Cockburn
Maxime Feingesicht
Raphaël Gauthier
Jonathan Llopis
Alexis Maslyczyk
Robin Pellois
Philippe Rhéaume
Undergraduate student:

Jean-Maurice Dubois
Trainees: Laurie Marceau
Thomas Robichaud-Courteau