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Cardinal, Patrick

Speech Recognition, Language identification, Emotion recognition, Parallel processing Courriel Member's personal website

Desrosiers, Christian
Data mining, intelligent systems, pattern recognition, medical imaging, collaborative recommendation systems, network analysis, business intelligence, combinatorial optimization. Courriel Member's personal website

Dolz, Jose

Machine and deep learning, medical imaging, weak supervision, image segmentation, computer vision. Courriel Member's personal website

Duchaine, Vincent

Perception, intelligent captors, environmental perception. Courriel  

Granger, Éric
Research Interests: adaptive and intelligent systems, machine learning (incremental and weakly-supervised), deep learning architectures, computer vision, information fusion, pattern recognition, Multi-Classifier Systems. Application Areas: affective computing, biometrics, image analysis, pattern recognition and video surveillance. Courriel Member's personal website

Ben Ayed, Ismail

Computer vision, Image processing, Machine learning and pattern recognition, Medical image analysis, Satellite image analysis, Graph cut algorithms, Convex optimization algorithms, Markov random fields (MRF), Variational and level set methods, Image segmentation, Computer assisted diagnosis. Courriel Member's personal website

Koerich, Alessandro

Fine-grained classification, computer vision, biometry, machine learning, musical information retrieval. Courriel  Site personnel du membre

Laporte, Catherine

Medical image analysis, image segmentation, ultrasound imaging, computer vision, texture description. Courriel
 Member's personal website

Pedersoli, Marco

Visual Object Class Detection Classification and Pose Estimation, Weakly- and Semi-Supervised Learning, Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks. Courriel Member's personal website

Sabourin, Robert

Adaptive and evolving learning systems: pattern matching and learning, fusion, image processing, evolutionary algorithms for multi-objective optimization, distributed processing, ensemble of classifiers, dynamic selection of classifiers, incremental learning. Applications: document recognition and authentication, intrusion detection, face recognition in video. Courriel Member's personal website

Toews, Matthew

Medical image analysis, computer vision, machine learning, image processing, signal processing, information theory, local invariant features, image registration, face detection and classification, computer assisted diagnosis. Courriel Site personnel du membre

Wong, Tony

Distributed processing and multi-objective evolutionary optimization. Courriel Member's personal website