• IPTA 2017 was held successfully in ETS from 28 Nov to 1 Dec. You can access the tutorial slides from the web and also some photos.

  •  ÉTS artificial intelligence researchers shine at SÉRI Montréal. Read more.

   The Imaging, Vision and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (LIVIA) is a research laboratory accredited by ÉTS which brings together 6 regular GPA professors, as well as 6 associate members and more than 40 graduate students. The unifying theme of LIVIA is the perception and modeling of dynamic environments (2D and 3D scenes, speech, etc.) using artificial intelligence techniques. The laboratory's scientific orientation revolves around the key foundations of "large-scale processing, analysis and interpretation of images and videos".

   From a scientific point of view, LIVIA's research and development activities are based on six main conceptual axes and their main fields of application: (1) machine learning, (2) computer vision, (3) pattern recognition, (4) adaptive and intelligent systems, (5) information fusion, and (6) optimization of complex systems.