Hygiene equipment

  Flow calibrator Defender 510M
  MT Mitutoyo (CMM) Bright Strato 7106
  Gastec gas detection system
  Gastec smoke test kit 
  Gilian GilAir-5 air sampling pump 
  Larson Davis dosimeter model 706
  Larson Davis sound meter model LXT2
  Tuning forks and sound meters 
  Light meter 
  Mass flowmeter 
  Heat stress monitor 
  Indoor air quality (IAQ) monitor WM7545 
  Pilot tube 
  Hot wire anemometer 
  Air velocity meter WM 9545 
  Model room 

Acoustic equipment

  ICAR installation (ETS-IRSST) 
  A 95 m3 semi-anechoic room that can be transformed into an anechoic room 
  A 125 m3 reverberation room
  A 1.2 m x 1.1 m opening between the two rooms for studying sound transmission
  Multi-microphone autoscan antenna (Electro-Cad Inc.) 
  Portable intensimetric cartography system (i-Track, Soft DB Inc.) 
  Omnidirectional sound source (BSWA) 
  Installation of the Chair (CRITIAS) 
  NASA REATMASTER audiometric system 
  Semi-anechoic room 
  Reverberation room
  Audiometric room 
  Bruel and Kjaer head and torso simulator including an ear simulator 
  Bruel and Kjaer Pulse Measurement System including an intensimeter and a 42-microphone array for beamforming imaging 
  A high-tech infrastructure with a large semi-anechoic room (that can be transformed into a complete anechoic room) and a large reverberation room is currently being installed; the two rooms are connected by an opening for studying acoustic transmission loss