Machine dynamics projects
Identification of resonance in a rotating hydraulic turbine - Supervisor: M. Thomas
Bearing analysis and modeling - Supervisor: M. Thomas
Neural network-based bearing fault detection - Supervisor: M. Thomas
High-speed (30,000 rpm) milling machine vibration - Supervisor: M. Thomas
Chatter detection in a milling machine - Supervisor: M. Thomas
Gear modeling - Co-supervisors: R. Guilbault and M. Thomas
Tooth rigidity computation - Co-supervisors: R. Guilbault and M. Thomas
A study of high-precision robotic grinding by flexible mobile robots - Supervisor: Z. Liu
Winding drum fatigue analysis - Supervisor: V.N. Lê

Structural dynamics projects

Effects of vibration on the spine - Supervisor: M. Thomas
Electrorheological fluids: particle chain formation - Supervisor: M. Thomas
Magneto-rheological dampers - Supervisor: M. Thomas
Piezoceramic element-based crack detection - Supervisor: M. Thomas

Process dynamics projects
Forging, creep fatigue and ultrasound inspection of titanium alloys - Supervisor: M. Viens
Initiation, propagation and TRIP effect - Supervisor: P. Bocher
Electromagnetic induction-based surface treatment - Supervisor: P. Bocher
Brazing of superalloys - Supervisor: P. Bocher
Welding and hammering of welded steel - Supervisor: P. Bocher