Vibration equipment

Fault simulation test bench

Balancing test bench

Bearing test bench

Hydraulic test bench

Polytec laser vibrometer

Vibration generator

Simulation gear test bench

BetaVibe THOR system

LMS Test.Xpress
Laser vibrometer

LMS modal analysis systems
BetaVibe THOR system for vibration acquisition, analysis and processing
DS (2-2000 Hz) and high-capacity (40,000 N) vibrators, with harmonic, shock and random LMS controller
Low-capacity (250 N) vibrator
Anchor base
Bearing fault simulator (BEAT: BEAting Toolbox)
Balancing test benches
TREK 10,000 V amplifier for electrorheological fluids
Couette viscosimeter for electrorheological fluids
500 V amplifier for piezoceramics
Fluid-structure interaction test bench
Electric vehicle test bench
Envirotronics environmental chamber (1 x 1 x 1 m) with temperature (-73 to 177ºC) and humidity (10 to 95%) control
Acoustic equipment

LMS Test.Xpress

Acoustic chamber
Process equipment

Scompi robots with grinding, gas metal arc welding and robotic hammering equipment
Rolling mill with cylindrical rollers; sheet metal: about 2 mm thick and 1 m wide