Ten professors-researchers carry out research from different areas of expertise (material, design, maintenance, control, NDT,...) in mechanical engineering using a multidisciplinary approach inside The DYNAMO team. Over 60 Master’s and Ph. D. students are actually conducted their graduated studies inside Dynamo. The DYNAMO team members have worked for several years as experts and researchers in Quebec. They have contributed their specific experiences and efforts to joint research activities in the field of dynamics of machineries, structures and processes.

Competency matrix
Expertise Bélanger Bocher Champliaud


Fihey Guilbault Laville  Lê   Liu  Pham Thomas Viens
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Finite elements
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 X                   X X
Auscultation and diagnosis                     X X
Ultrasound and Guided Wave X                      
Development of instrumentation X                      
Pierre BélangerPierre Bélanger, ing.
Ph.D. (Imperial College London)
Professor Pierre Belanger is a specialist in ultrasonic wave propagation for biomedical and industrial applications. His research interests also include development of instrumentation et modeling of complex dynamic systems.

After completing a PhD at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom on the feasibility of thickness mapping of corroded structures using ultrasonic guided waves, professor Belanger worked for 3 years for the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team. At McLaren, professor Belanger worked in R&D of advanced instrumentation as well as on the car development program in the driver-in-the-loop simulator.

 Areas of expertise: Ultrasound;Guided Wave; Non-destructive control; Development of instrumentation; Modeling of dynamic systems; Control and Hydraulic system.

Philippe BocherPhilippe Bocher, Eng.
Ph.D. (McGill University)
Professor Philippe Bocher is a metallurgist specialising in metal deformation and heat treatment.  Originally from Pratt & Whitney Canada, he has gained expertise in applied manufacturing processes in the aeronautics industry, and specialised in the study of the fatigue behaviour of manufactured parts. Specifically, he has optimised brazing, welding and heat treatment processes (such as magnetic induction contour hardening),  and is especially interested in the role of residual stress in process control and service performance optimisation.

Areas of expertise: Material deformation and heat treatment; Alloy forging; Fatigue and creep of alloys and  welded parts; Residual stress measurement following hardening and welding; Contour hardening on alloys; Forging operation simulation; Crystallisation microtexture development in forgings; Material characterisation; Induction heating in precision gear assemblies; Dynamic recrystallisation of metals.

Philippe Bocher Henri Champliaud, Eng.
Ph.D. (ÉTS)
Professor Henri Champliaud is an expert in stress analysis in assemblies and mechanisms, finite element method theory and application and the nonlinear behaviour of metals and rubberlike materials. His research involves digital simulation of manufacturing processes (pressing, rolling, spinning, etc.) and of welding assembly processes, leak-tight assemblies obtained through forming, and mesh generation by kriging. Professor Champliaud previously spent 5 years working in a nuclear physics research laboratory in France.

Areas of expertise: Finite element- and experiment-based stress analysis; Geometric and material nonlinearities; Mechanisms and assemblies; Forming of thin sheets; Capsuling; Seals and contacts; Thermal, structural, modal, spectral and seismic analyses; Hybrid vehicle simulation; Simulation of manufacturing processes (welding, rolling, spinning, etc.).

Philippe Bocher Thien My Dao, Eng.
Ph.D. (Université de Sherbrooke)
Professor Thien My Dao is an expert in the study of manufacturing systems, reliability, and maintenance. His areas of focus include computer-assisted design, and the implementation and management of manufacturing systems. His development and research activities include research applied to performance analysis and reliability, optimal design/management of manufacturing systems through simulation, the neural systems approach, the evolutionary approach (Ant colony system, Tabu Search, etc.), fuzzy logic, and using the “cellular/just-in-time production” concept. Professor Dao has worked in industry for four years.

Areas of expertise: Value-added “production” approach; Computer-assisted production management; Simulation techniques; Optimal design and implementation of manufacturing systems; Manufacturing systems performance analysis.

Philippe Bocher Jean-Luc Fihey, Eng.
Ph.D. (École Polytechnique de Montréal)
Working at the Hydro-Québec research center has allowed Professor Fihey Jean Luc has to gain extensive experience in project development. Moreover, as the department director, he contributes to the development of mega projects aimed at furthering research.

Knowledge domain: Welding, Hydraulic turbines, Robotics, Grinding.

Philippe Bocher Raynald Guilbault, Eng.
Ph.D. (Université Laval)
An expert in machine power transmission element modeling, Professor Guilbault focuses on the development of mechanical design tools; specifically, static and dynamic gear assembly models, simulation of wear of contact surfaces, and the mechanical modeling of Francis hydraulic turbines. He has gained extensive industrial experience working with Alstom.

Areas of expertise: Numerical and experimental simulation of the dynamic and static behaviour of machine elements based on aging.

Philippe Bocher Frédéric Laville, Eng.
Eng. Dipl. (ENSAM, France), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Purdue, Indiana)
For over 30 years, Professor Frédéric Laville, who is an expert in industrial acoustics, has been heading research and development and consulting engineering projects in France, the United States and Canada. His research focuses on sound generation, transmission and dispersion mechanisms. His results have been integrated into the design of various products (machines, vehicles, instruments, etc.) either to reduce the risk of hearing loss or discomfort among workers exposed to noise or for approval by users (sound quality).

Areas of expertise: Industrial acoustics; Sound generation, transmission and dispersion mechanisms; Design of various products (machines, vehicles, instruments, etc.); Reduced risk of hearing loss or of discomfort among workers exposed to noise; Sound quality.

Philippe Bocher Van Ngan Lê, Eng.
B.Sc.A., M.Sc.A., D.Sc.A. (École Polytechnique de Montréal)
Professor Van Ngan Lê is an expert in assembly design and calculation, thermoplasticity, finite element method theory and application, nonlinear behaviour of materials, and industrial software applications development. He had a six-year stint in industry, working with United Aircraft, Combustion Engineering of Canada and Roger Gentner Inc.

Areas of expertise: Metal-plastic and composite assembly design and analysis; Finite element method application; Pressure tank design and analysis; Nonlinear behaviour of metals; Industrial software applications development.

Philippe Bocher Zhaoheng Liu, Eng.
B. Eng., M.Sc.A., Ph.D.(Université de Sherbrooke)
Professor Zhaoheng Liu specialises in the study of the dynamic and nonlinear behaviour of mechanical systems. He has six years of high-tech industrial experience, and has led many research and development projects whose results are currently being used in several large aerospace and automobile companies. His research work at ÉTS focuses on three areas: (i) modeling and simulation of multibody mechanical systems with contacts, (ii) control and analysis of multi-arm robotic system kinematics and dynamics, and (iii) road vehicle dynamics and control.

Areas of expertise: Stability and analysis of nonlinear dynamic system behaviour; Multibody mechanical system modeling and simulation; Vehicle dynamics; Collision detection and contact generation; Integration of CAD systems into computer-assisted manufacturing and metrology; Algorithmic geometry.

Philippe Bocher Tan Pham, Eng
Ph.D. (École Polytechnique de Montréal)
Professor Tan Pham is an expert in materials mechanics, modeling and characterisation of materials for forming processes (extrusion blow moulding, thermoforming, stamping, welding, injection moulding), software development for highly deformed finite elements, and process optimisation using digital simulation. He has over ten years of industrial research experience.

Areas of expertise: Solid mechanics; fluid flow in deformable porous media; materials modeling and characterisation; nonlinear finite element method; meshing; material forming processes (thermoplastics, composites, metals); simulation-based optimisation.

Philippe Bocher Marc Thomas, Eng.
Dipl. Eng.(INSA, Lyon), M.Sc.A, Ph.D.(Université de Sherbrooke)
Professor Marc Thomas is an expert both in theoretical and experimental vibration and machinery maintenance. He is the director of the DYNAMO laboratory in process, machinery and structural dynamics. He is titular professor at ETS in the mechanical engineering department since 20 years. Previously, Professor Thomas has been the leader of the structural Dynamics team of the Quebec Industrial Research Center (CRIQ) during 11 years. He has published over 200 articles and supervised over 16 Master and 18 Ph.D. students. He now is mentor of the Canadian Machinery Vibration Association (CMVA).

Areas of expertise: Machine vibration analysis and fault diagnosis, Design and experimental structural analysis; Design and analysis of mechanisms subjected to dynamic forces or vibration; Modal analysis; Damping; Finite elements; Control of structural vibration using smart materials; Structural health monitoring; Machinery maintenance; Risk assessment of workers subjected to vibration.

Philippe Bocher Martin Viens, Eng.
Ph.D. (Université de Sherbrooke)
Professor Martin Viens specialises in non-destructive testing, process instrumentation and inspection system modeling.  He has gained extensive industrial experience working with Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Areas of expertise:
Process instrumentation; Nondestructive evaluation and testing; Inspection system modeling; Linear system modeling and testing; Electronics and electric machines.