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The 2014 seminar will be held at the École de Technologie Supérieure, Montreal, from October 29 to 31, 2014.

Best Price PFE
Congratulations: Eric St Pierre Lemieux was awarded the  prize for the best graduation in mechanical engineering in 2013.

Gold Medal - Joël Lessard
Congratulations: Joël Lessard received the Governor General’s Gold Medal in 2012.>>
Student position available:
Ph.D. Engineering
Project title:
Development of an eddy-current inversion algorithm for the determination of surface crack depth and shape
Financial support:
Related expertise/background:
     • Modeling of the interaction of magnetic field with conductive material
     • Eddy current inspection for non destructive characterization of surface cracks

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and contract:martin.viens@etsmtl.ca

Student Research Projects (3 Master projects are available)

     * Design and modeling of robotic milling process
     * Experimental modal analysis of a robotic system
     * Modeling and dynamic simulation of the robot with flexible arms and joints by using software MD Adams.

Program: Master's degree with thesis in mechanical engineering.
Start of projects: Fall 2011 or Winter 2012
Bursary is available ($ 14.500 / year for 2 years)
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and contract: zhaoheng.liu@etsmtl.ca

Project: New technologies for manufacturing and repairing hydraulic runners and equipement associated
Student projects available are listed in the table attached. Note that MSc = $ 16,500 / year for 2 years and PhD = $ 19,500 / year for 3 years. Student projects that have already been started are not listed in this table. A1 represents year 2011.
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Contact:: Henri.Champliaud@etsmtl.ca 

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Raynald Guilbault
Director, DYNAMO
514 396-8862


DYNAMO’s mission is to meet the needs of industry with respect to innovation aimed at improving the quality of its products and the operation of its machines and processes by combining applied research and industrial development activities. It relies on the implementation of innovative practices providing commercial benefits from research and on the transfer of technology to industry, taking into account environmental, social and economic dimensions and is considered a Canadian leader in dynamics. DYNAMO’s applied research is centered on three fields of mechanics: machinery dynamics, structural dynamics and process dynamics. The team’s areas of expertise include process simulation; structural health detection; and vibration, noise and mechanical fatigue control.


General Objective

Meet the needs of industry to improve the operation of machinery and processes in regard to the dynamics of machinery, structural and process dynamics. The process simulation, the detection of structural health and wear, and reduced vibration, noise and mechanical fatigue are among the areas of expertise Dynamo.

Its specific objectives are:

  • To study the dynamics of machinery (hydraulic turbines, robotic, gears, bearings, etc.)

  • To study the manufacturing process dynamics (New process, welding residual stress, etc.)

  • To study the problems related to noise and vibration machinery, mechanisms and structures (structural health monitoring, maintenance, etc.)