Projects and accomplishments

Protection against mechanical risks

  Resistance of protective gloves to multiple mechanical agressors
Resistance of protective gloves to medical needle puncture
Production of a selection guide for protective gloves against mechanical stressors
Study of the effect of thermo-oxidative aging on the behaviour of elastomers
Mechanical behaviour and aging of polycarbonate
Textile structures for impact-resistant composites

Protection against chemical and biological hazards

Interaction between organic solvents and their mixtures with elastomers
Effect of industrial contaminants on the properties of protective gloves
Development of a "clean" solution for the manufacture of butyl rubber gloves
Review on personal protection equipment against nanoparticles
Skin protection against nanoparticles

Protection against heat and flame

Study of the effects of aging on firefighter clothing

Protection against falls

Study of aging of polypropylene
Study of environmental aging of lifelines

Aspects related to human factors

Development of a mechanical method for characterising the flexibility of protective gloves
Development of a method for measuring the adherence of protective gloves

Other projects

Blow-out and explosion of heavy truck tires
Development of 3D textile preforms for aerospace composite parts