Given the multidisciplinarity of the research conducted on protective equipment, a network of partners with complementary skill sets has been established:

  L’Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et sécurité au travail (IRSST)

IRSST provides OSH know-how and expertise for:
  • the development and measurement of materials' resistance to mechanical hazards (cutting and puncture);
  • the definition of the physicochemical properties of polymers and composites used in protective equipment;
  • the measurement of solvents diffusion in polymers in order to characterise the materials' resistance to chemicals;
  • studies on materials used in protective equipment against falls.

Furthermore, relations between IRSST and the OH&S network in Québec, including the CSST and joint sector-based associations (ASPs), will enrich the Chair with other concrete workplace experience.
The CTT Group provides expertise on protection against other climate-based hazards (precipitations, winds, ice, solar radiation) or accidental hazards (fires, explosions, electric discharge, etc.). Today, protective clothing, which is seen as one of the most effective ways of protecting people, has developed into a major industrial sector. The Group contributes to the development of new fabrics, fibres and technical textile, and handles the transfer of knowledge to the textile industry. 
The City of Montreal's Fire Department's R&D section contributes with its expertise on extreme conditions (fire, cold, smoke, etc.) and performs tests to measure the ease of handling and fire resistance capacity of protective clothing.
  The following protective materials and equipment and technical textile manufacturers provide a high level of support for the development of concrete solutions to problems encountered in protective equipment and in composite structures: Ansell, Bacou Dalloz, Bell Helicopter, Best Gloves, Bombardier Aéronautique, Cordages Barry, Delastek, DuPont, Ganterie BCL, Gants Laurentides, Hakson Gloves & Safety Wears Inc., Hatch corporation, HexArmor, Honeywell, Innotex, JB Martin, Jomac, Marigold Industrial, Marquez, Masley Entreprises Inc., McCordick, North Safety Products, Sécuritex, Permatex, PGI-Difco, PIP, Seattle Marine and Fishing Supply Co., Showa, Superior Glove Works, Travex, Warwick Mills.