Gloves, boots, safety helmets, body armour vests, and fire protection clothing, among others, are all protective equipment used in occupational health and safety. Considering how important and sensitive their fields of application are, the materials used to make this equipment must have certain specific properties providing them with resistance to chemical or mechanical hazards, to extreme temperatures or enabling them to prevent falls, for example. Ensuring that these materials operate properly must therefore be prioritized. This involves thorough multidisciplinary studies aimed at assessing their long-term behaviour in actual conditions of use.

It was in the light of the above that in 2004, the Research Chair in Protective Materials and Equipment for Occupational Safety and Health was created in partnership with ÉTS, IRSST (Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail) and the CTT Group. In 2010, the Chair was renewed for an additional five-year period.

By combining these research centers' expertise with that of protection equipment and technical textile manufacturers, the Chair actively contributes to the industry's innovation efforts and to the development of new knowledge, which ultimately benefits Quebec workers and employers.