Research projects available

Students are wanted for the following research projects:

Graduate level (M.Sc.)

  1. Development of a heterogeneity map inside the structure in the as-cast condition and the tempered microstructure.
  2. Identification of critical phase transformation parameters causing microstructural heterogeneity during ingot solidification.
  3. Development of a prediction tool for the occurrence of porosity and casting defects in large size ingots.

Ph.D. level (Ph.D.)

  1. Influence of alloy chemistry and solution heat treatment on the solidification structure of large ingots.
  2. Influence of alloying elements and deformation conditions on the kinetics of phase transformationin high strength steels.
  3. Prediction of the evolution of grain size during open-die forging.
  4. Analysis of generation of distortion and of residual stresses during quenching-tempering process.

Post-doctoral fellowship

  1. Experimentation and modelling of macrosegregation in large ingots.
  2. Optimization of open-die forging of large ingots through experiments and modelling.
  3. Optimization of microstructure and residence time in the furnace during heating process: Experiment and modelling.