Exakt microtome: For the preparation of macroscopic and histological cuts maintaining excellent implant/tissue interface quality

  • Macroscopic cut of a specimen or an implant
  • Fine cuts and/or 20-30 µm histological slides with hard implants
  • Staining of histological slides (Toluidine blue, Van Gieson, H&E, etc.)

Physica MCR301 rheometer with microscope (Antoon-Paar): for the characterization of soft solids, gels and hydrogels
  rheometre ETS  
  • Rheological tests, both in rotational and oscillatory mode
  • Allows the measurement of liquid, elastic, viscoelastic or hydrogel materials (evaluation of viscosity, viscoelasticity, gelation kinetics, etc.)
  • Modular system (plan-plan geometry, cylindrical, etc.)
  • Temperature control Microscope allowing real-time sample observations

Elctroforce3200 Mechanical testing machine (TA instruments) - Biodynamic chamber

  • Uniaxial tensile and compression tests statiques et dynamiques
  • Biodynamic chamber and pump for pulsatile flow
  • Compilance testing
  • Etc.

QCM-D E4 (Q-Sense): for studying surface interactions with fluids, proteins or cells

  • Quartz crystal micro-balance with dissipation monitoring (QCM-D)
  • Frequency and dissipation measurements of a crystal: indirect measurement of mass and mechanical properties of thin layers
  • Study of proteins, biomolecules and cells interaction with surfaces in various media
  • Dry or aqueous medium
  • 4 parallel chambers

Low pressure plasma reactor (Plasmionique Inc.) : For surface modification
  • Low pressure plasma reactor, RF discharge
  • ICP and CCP sources
  • For surface modification of materials:   changes in wettability, functionalization, surface etching or polymerization of fine organic coatings
  • Fitted with a rotation system allowing work on tubular surfaces

VCA OptimaXE goniometer (AST products): for the characterization of surface wettability and energy

  • Contact angle goniometer with inclined base
  • Contact angle measurement and surface energy calculation
  • Static and dynamic contact angle, sessile drop
  • Automated system, dynamic capture
  • Microsyringes

Bose ElectroForce 3200 and characterization chamber of biomaterials BioBynamic: to characterize soft solids, gels and hydrogels
  • Allows sterile environments biomaterials fatigue testing with pulsed flow
  • For the mechanical characterization of viscoelastic materials
  • Uniaxial tension test, compression
  • Flow measurement, dynamic and static compliance


  • Optical microscopy and image analysis
  • Stereomicroscopy

The Chair also has access to:

  • Scanning electron microscopy with critical point drying for the preparation of biological samples (at ÉTS)
  • CHUM imaging (CT, angio, MRI, etc.) and animal house services

To have access to our equipment or services, contact us.