Students wanted

We are looking for students for the following research axis:

Rapid test insertion-based design approach

The specific objective of this research axis is to design a systematic approach allowing specifications to be rendered more complete and consistent. The favored design approach is based on rapid test insertion, and consists in defining the tests to be conducted right from the start in order to confirm that the specifications have indeed been observed. The goal of this exercise is to very rapidly examine the specifications during the testing phase in order to better clarify and document them. Implementing such an approach requires:
  • a listing of tests normally conducted based on the target areas of application, including the measurement devices involved;
  • a definition of the infrastructure required to apply these tests on several different levels of attraction, from the lowest to the highest;
  • concept validation using a complete system (or subsystem) implementation case study.

If you are interested in working with us on this project, please contact Professor Thibeault at